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Hair loss in an 18 year old female?

For the past 7 or 8 months my hair has been falling out and its getting worse. I've tried changing my shampoo, conditioner, wearing it up and down, wide tooth comb etc and nothing has helped. I will comb my hair before i take a shower and get a ton of strands then more falls out in the shower and when i comb it after i get about a handful, then all through out the day i am pulling strands off my shirt. I think i need to go to the doctor but i have a huge fear of doctors so i really dont want to go. If i do go what will they do???

Hair loss in an 18 year old female?

Are you taking any medications? Certain ones can cause hair loss (like Depakote, for example.) So can excessive stress %26amp; eating disorders. You might want to try taking some supplements and see if that helps....Selenium, Biotin, Zinc (and Copper, apparently the two need to be taken together) were all recommended to me by my doctor when I had medication related hairloss. (I ended up having to change meds in the end though because the hair loss continued.)

Wearing your hair up will only pull more hair out. The dermatologist scolded me about this while I was going through that whole thing.

It's normal to lose a certain amount of hair in a day, but what you are describing sounds like significantly more than normal.

I know you don't like doctors, but I think the best thing you can do is go to one and address your concerns.

Hair loss in an 18 year old female?

Are you a vegetarian or not getting enough meat? If so you may have an iron deficiency. Low iron levels will cause hair to fall out. It's exactly what I was experiencing last year when I had incredibly low iron levels due to being a vegan....lots of concerning shower episodes where I had to pull clumps of hair out of the drain hole! If you think your iron intake is too low get some supplements. The best ones are from the chemist not the supermarket. Supermarket ones can only sell the RDI of iron, where as the chemist ones are 80x the amount which is needed for re-establishing normal levels.

Hair loss in an 18 year old female?

Sorry to hear about your condition. I think it's stress related, but could also be your diet. My wife (23) was under a lot of stress at her job and as a result had a similar condition a few years ago. She ended up having hair restoration surgery after consulting with a doctor and she was very happy with the results. She found a lot of the information to make her decision on this website:

I hope I could be of some assistance. I know how hard it can be to have a condition like this.

Hair loss in an 18 year old female?

You need to go to the doctor and ask him or her to check your Thyroid gland. It is common for people with thyroid problems to loose their hair at such a rate. Thyroid problems are really common, put people usually dismiss their symptoms and don't seek medical advise in time, however, if you allow thyroid problems to get worse you could end up with Grave's (not sure how you spell it) Disease and that is a horrible illness.

Don't be afraid of doctors, they are there to help you. I prefer to go to nurse assistants cause they seem to be nicer than doctor's themselves, you can check at your clinic if you have that available.

And remember it is better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck!

Hair loss in an 18 year old female?

You can stop hair loss using many cheap and effective home remedies.Egg white, lemon juice, oil massage are other home remedies at will prevent further problems.

Hair loss in an 18 year old female?

Yea you should go to the could posssibly have cancer. I hope not wish you the best.

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