Sunday, June 20, 2010

Is it possible to stop relaxing hair after 12 years, w/o losing it & are there any tips for the

I'm mixed and my hair is pretty long. I went 4 months without getting my hair relaxed (I'm supposed to get 1 every 2 months). During that time I started to condition my hair and scalp a bit more to compensate for not getting it relaxed as well as to maintain managability along with regular trims. I also had a ton of headaches and it seemed that while getting thicker than its ever been, I was loosing more hair than usual so I stopped combing my hair in the shower and only straightened it (either with my flat iron or blow dryer-the kind with the comb and brush attachments) just before washing it. This seemed to help a smidge but I eventually got tired of having a wet head when I slept and when outside during sub-zero temps so I got it relaxed.

Post 1 relaxer the headaches ceased but my hair seems way thinner and it seems that I'm loosing more (possibly from breakage) than when I had been getting it relaxed regularly. I'm back to my regular upkeep from pre-stopping, so what's the deal?

Is it possible to stop relaxing hair after 12 years, w/o losing it %26amp; are there any tips for the transition?

my friends mom does hair...and i wanted my hair relaxed cuz i have super frizzy curls. and she told me after i get it relaxed cant go back to the curls or else it will just break off...and it will continue to. so after she told me i would lose my curls forever...then i decided no. so i think u cant after uve relaxed ur hair. if u can get rid of the relaxer and go back to ur normal hair...then i think it is on a website. i found one on it...but i forgot which one it was. it said it would take like a REALLY long time though. sorry!

im also mixed =]

i hope u find a way!

* i found the website! =D

scroll all the way to the bottom and they should show u how.

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