Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is my hair healthy or in good shape?

i think its healthy because i wash my hair on a regular basis but

when i wash my seems like my hair gets dry! even when its 2 in 1

and when i do comb my hair.....

1 side looks nice but the other side looks like crap

and i got another question....

what does it mean when 1 side of your bangs hair sticks up in a funny way? and the other side looks normal?

is this normal?

and what is a good way to grow long hair?

like my cuzin...he hasn't got a hair cut in like a year or 2 and he doesn't wash it on a regular basis his hair is oily.....but his hair is long

Is my hair healthy or in good shape?


hair washing is kinda personal.. depends on the level of your activity.. but usually once in two days is fine.

excessive hair washing causes your hair to 'dehydrate'. it takes away much of you hair oil before your glands can produce it. this can cause your hair to be damaged easily as is has no protection.

2 in 1 s are... wel.. good as shampoos but REALLY, they dont work (the conditioner part). the whole 2 in 1 concept is so messed up. shampoo is for the mainly for the scalp and conditioner is ONLY for the hair. if it gets to your roots it may make it look limp and droopy. it's crazy that people actually come up with sucha thing. my take, get shampoos and conditioners SEPERATELY. it's more effective that way.

about your combing hair thing.. haha. it's called a cowlick. i get it sometimes. usually it's caused by a weird sleeping position that sorta like squashes your hair into that shape.

it's very normal. sleep on a satin cover. it reduces bed heads and cowlicks A LOT! (even though they say it's girly and all.. if you really care for your hair(: ) or you can spriz your hair lightly and blow dry it, wash your hair again or just use a flat iron to straighen it out.

a good way to grow long hair:

1. eat right, drink loads of water (basic stuff are very essential)

2. use conditioner.

3. comb your hair when needed and get rid of tangles at once! (comb from the tips and work your way to the roots. then a final brush from roots to tips to make sure it's all even)

your cousin needs to take care of his hair. now you can tell him how to! good luck(:

Is my hair healthy or in good shape?

try conditioning your hair, or shampooing less often

The thing thats screwing up your bangs is called a cowlick. its some little twist thing that screws up your hair

well a good way to grow your hair out is....dont cut it and trim it every couple months to make sure its even. and please dont stop washing your hair. greasy hair is grossss

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