Sunday, June 20, 2010

The hair on my head looks like pubic hair, how do i make it more healthy looking?

The hair on my head is very unhealthy and looks like pubic hair. It grows at a criss-cross pattern starting from the roots, and when it gets longer, it gets reallly thin and starts to curl and tangle throughout my whole head. it also seems that my hair grows faster at certain areas of my head causing little bald spots in the other areas. And, whichever way i comb my hair, it gets stays that way like one of them troll dolls.

Please anyone, how can i make my hair more thicker and have it grow out in a organized pattern so that i am able to spike it up. I want it to be a permanent hairstyle. a hairstyle that would have my hair silky and shiny and able to bounce when i jump.

The hair on my head looks like pubic hair, how do i make it more healthy looking?

This may sound radical but consider shaving your head. This is the most proven way to alter the regrowth pattern of your head. So shave your head and see how it's starts regrowing, be warned, you may need to shave it a couple of times so that you'll hair growth pattern is even. There are products to stimulate hair growth but that's not your problem and they're not proven to work. Maybe you could use them WHILE your hair is growing back.

When that problem is corrected, the texture of your hair, specially with your particular problem, can be improved by conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. Wash with a very light shampoo,and wash every other day (unless you have an oily scalp, which I don't think you have by the description of your hair's texture). Use a deep conditioning masque once a week.

For styling, avoid heat tools which will furthermore dry-out your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner before you start styling. Use products designed for your specific hair type and for the effect you want to create. Don't overload since that tends to dull hair out.

Good luck!

The hair on my head looks like pubic hair, how do i make it more healthy looking?

To make the hair seem thicker, I sue Bed Head's Thickening Spray, it's very awsome. And to make the hair more healthy looking, I would get a deep-conditioning in a salon, or put a lot of a good conditioner in your hair, then put a plastic hair net, and blow dry your hair for like 20 minutes. I promise it works. And I thought ur similie was funny.

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