Sunday, June 20, 2010

Please help!!!!! hair problem!!!?

i have really nice and silky black hair...but now a days my hair fall has incerased a lot!!! i know that ever human's 80 hair fall down in each day...but that much hair of fall down just in one hour!!! whenever i used to comb my hair or play with my hair nothing use to happen but now bunch and bunch of hair come in my hand itself!!! what can i do to stop it!!! plzzzzzzzzz help!!!

Please help!!!!! hair problem!!!?

First check for patches of bald spots or feel along your scalp to see if you can feel any breakage. If you find any then consult your doctor too see if any medications you are taking, if you are taking any, may cause hair loss. If are not taking any medications, stress may be a factor. Are you experiencing more stress than normal? School, work, anything that you may be worried about a bit more than normal? Have you had a major change in diet?

If you don't believe it is from medications or stress, have you started doing anything different to your hair? Have you had it chemically treated or have you started styling it differently maybe with a flat iron?

All of the above can cause temporary hair loss. As far as recently having a baby being the cause..when you are pregnant, your body stops the "hair shedding phase". You will not shed the normal amount of hair. After the baby, your body begins the shedding phase again and all that hair you have been holding onto for 9 months starts to shed. This is where the old wives tale of "babies make your hair fall out" comes from.

Please help!!!!! hair problem!!!?

if its just the odd strand, i wouldnt worry. but iff it is comming out in clumps or if you have bald patches on your head, you should go and see your docter. good luck.

Please help!!!!! hair problem!!!?

you should go to your local chemist and ask her if she has some shampoo or cream for your hair or just go to a docter to see if everything is ok.oh and remember to not worry too much ok!!!

Please help!!!!! hair problem!!!?

If your hair is falling out at that rate you should first see your medical doctor. Your hair is a good indicator threre is something wrong with your health.

If you have had a baby lately your hair will fall out more then usual for a while.

Some med's can make your hair fall out.

If you have bleached your hair drastically it could be braking off.

Best of Luck

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