Thursday, June 17, 2010

Proper Care For Black People's Hair?

Hi, I'm a Filipina and my daughter is half black. She got her dad's hair type. Is there any special shampoo to keep it from looking dry? Special hair brush or comb? Basically, I need to know what's the proper way to care/manage black women's hair. Btw, my baby's only 2 1/2 yrs. old.

Proper Care For Black People's Hair?

Read my tips on Black hair care at

...about the middle of the page.

I use Humble shampoo, conditioner and moisturizers. My friend has children half white/half black, she uses the same and refuses to use anything else.

Her daughter's hair is thick, coarse and very long and used to always look dry. She tried everything and says nothing compares to it, and I agree.

Proper Care For Black People's Hair?

I dont think you should be putting any products on your daughters hair when shes that age! Unless they are especially for babys!

Proper Care For Black People's Hair?

my niece is half Filipina and black... if her hair is like her dads and is dry you may need to get some "herbal hair grease, part her hair and apply it to her scalp 1 to 2 times a wk. u may need a bristle brush as opposed to a vent brush.. which u may may need to learn how to braid if you dont already... those are simple sugestions because i dont know the texture of her hair

Proper Care For Black People's Hair?

Go to the black section of stores like Walmart, Sally's,

Rite-aid or just places that sales hair products. Get a moisturizing shampoo, detangler spray and and hair creme

like (Just for Me) for children, (Pink Lotion by Lustre) or light hair oil. Use wide tooth comb regular soft brush with bristles. After washing the hair spray the detangler in hair along with hair creme, Hair should be easier to manage. Good Luck!

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