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African american in need of hair advice?

Ok, i have natural black people hair

i'm tryin to grow my hair into a afro(Don't worry why...) and my hair just stopped growing its only like 1 inch and a half long

hmm, i dont comb my hair often when im at home since i just sit around and there is no reason to comb my hair when its just ganna get messed up again...Do i need to comb it on a regular bases?

do you guys got any advice what i should do to get it to grow longer?

And no cutting it off isnt an option ...

African american in need of hair advice?

I don't have a fro, but it takes a strong relaxer to straighten this stuff. Anyway, obviously don't relax it. I used to use this stuff called Stay Soft Fro; it basically keeps your hair moisturized and soft so when you comb it, it doesn't break-off, but it started to turn my hair red-brown. Your hair probably isn't growing because it isn't moisturized, if it's dry it's going to be brittle and break off. To keep my hair from completely changing color, I switched to products based with Olive Oil. Just rub some type of moisturizer (lotion based or grease) thru your hair in the morning and at night, and when you wash deep condition (I use Hair Cholesterol; it comes in a jar). You should have results if not then I don't know what to tell you. Good luck!

African american in need of hair advice?

use shampoo and conditioner, the conditioner usually makes my hair grow faster, i think cuz it keeps it healthy, i dunno im a guy so im no expert on hair, but i do know trimming it a little bit will stimulate it to grow also, for most people, not all, just some ideas

African american in need of hair advice?


African american in need of hair advice?

What I did to grow my hair is I bought some Hair Cholestrol and hair mayo,and put that in and washed it out in the evening.(Put a heat cap on for 15 mins also).That stuff grows your hair in a week,Guarenteed.

African american in need of hair advice?

What you should do is grease it with Blue Magic Hair Grease (or that B%26amp;B hair grease)everyday and brush it 100 times. My hair is naturally curly, but I got a perm in 2002 and now its straight.(it went a little passed my shoulders) But ever since then i have been getting a perm every month and getting it washed and set every 2 weeks. My hairdresser said that if i brush and grease my hair, and keep the ends will help my hair grow..and it did. Now my hair goes to the middle of my back. I am soo happy.閳?br>African american in need of hair advice?

You need to get a blow out kit is blows out your hair to make your afro come out man it does really work, you can get it at a beauty supply store, I know it works, because I put one in my brothers hair when he was growing a afro, and his afro came out much more, and it was easier to braid, the kit is like putting a realxer in the hair, it sorta straightens but not silk straight just enough to make the afro come out more

African american in need of hair advice?

my sister is natural so i can tell you what she tells me. just keep it maintained by keeping it moisturized (especially during the winter) and just keep it clean. pickin it out wouldn't hurt it either. braids can also help your hair to grow

African american in need of hair advice?

1. Get a haircut--split ends split all the way up from tip to root stunting hair growth.

2. Forget what you've heard--do NOT put petroleum jelly, mineral oil or products containing alcohol on your hair! The jelly %26amp; oil clogs hair follicles and the alcohol damages A-A hair. If your hair is dry, moisturize with olive oil or jojoba oil--a natural oil most similar to the natural oil (sebum) in your scalp.

3. Hair sheds naturally. Combing/brushing it, assists in the process of removing the dead detached hair strands, but it also helps distribute moisture (sheen) down the shafts of hairs still attached to the head! Only comb %26amp; brush your hair according to the style you are maintaining or hoping to achieve--no more or less.

4. Remember this: Natural, healthy hair is happy hair and happy hair grows!

Years ago, I abandoned perms, combs, brushes and products containing synthetic ingredients. I trimmed my ends monthly and let my hair loc. In 2 years, the 3" fro I started out with grazed my shoulders. In 4 years, my hair was past my shoulders. In 6 years, my hair was happy, healthy and reached the middle of my back. I recently combed my locs out. My hair is soft, manageable and styled into a versatile wash-n-go curly 'fro. Last week, I combed it out for the old-school Angela Davis-Foxy Brown look and scored much respect from my teen-aged son and many complements from my "brothas and sistas".

I hope this helps you. GREAT QUESTION %26amp; good luck!

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