Sunday, November 29, 2009

Afro hair!?

I want to leave my hair natural but the problem is that my hair is so dry and hard to comb (it's not scab hair)that's how my hair always was that's why i had to use a relaxer because it's so thick and hard to manage and imagine i just have 1 inch growth and the lady that cornrowed my hair was feeling pain in her finger (i'm still having the relaxer i want to do the two textures transitioning cause i don't want short hair yet )What can i do to soften it i cant walk in the street like a crazy girl without combing my hair otherwise i'll end up with a relaxer again.

Afro hair!?

not sure but keep the hair moisturized even more! the part where the natural hair meets the relaxed hair is suseptible for breakage; i know i grew my relaxer out and after 6mths went ahead and cut the remaining out because it made my hair eXtreMely choppy

Afro hair!?

I went without a relaxer for 6 months by using Afro Detangler. It is kind of costly but it really helps soften the new growth while you are transitioning.

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