Friday, November 27, 2009

Hair Tips?

Well, I am going after a look like the actor Ryan Phillippe, because many of my friends who are girls said i would look hotter if i did that.

Here is what i have so far:

I just need tips on how to make it better. I feel like i am getting there, and i have combs, hairspray, and hair gel and water to work with. Thank you!

Hair Tips?

boys were i live have long hair not like ponytail long but long. grow it out.. like u know sufer or skater boy looks. deff. grow it out.

try asking your hairstylist =D it will help thats there job

Hair Tips?

Well you def. have to grow it out a little bit and when you get out of the shower...put gel in it first and then spike it and then crimp it with your hands...ask a girl you know how to do that if you dont know how...and then it should look like that picture. Good luck!

Hair Tips?

It looks really good. Try using maybe a little bit more gel. Don't grow your hair long it won't look that great. You look better with shorter hair. Try schrunching it with gel.

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